William Cummer
William CummerFounder
Cannism Member and Authority
Cannabis has been used in many societies and spiritual practices. Having a belief in the benefits of cannabis is the foundation of our faith.
No, Cannabis Activism is more of an idealistic movement. Cannism being non-sectarian and shallow in organization having polytheistic acceptance to permit other organized religions to adopt the truth about cannabis. Learn from others who have found knowledge.
Many scriptural and historical references show religious people using the plant to gain spiritual enlightenment or even strength for battle. Today’s laws permit safe access to cannabis in many places.The world’s people are finding cannabis helps bring them closer to an understanding of God. Whether or not one believes in God they may still find benefits in cannabis.
Gather with other cannabis activists locally or meet online. Currently there are no organized meetings scheduled in groups other than online sessions. Check our event page to learn more about other group meetings.
A Cannist believes cannabis is beneficial to the human body, mind and soul. Simply start living with that belief and you share our attitude. Members can meet the requirements to represent cannism as a teacher of specific doctrines and practices. Learn more by becoming a member!
Historical, economical, mental and physical truths about Cannabis Sativa. Hemp is Cannabis Sativa variety which produces fibers and seeds useful to our bodies and lifestyle. H.E.M.P. is an acronym to remind us of where cannabis and humankind relate.
Free Agency- the human right to do with our bodies as we will.
In obedience to laws that are just. We also believe in civil disobedience by way of peaceful confrontation to unjust laws.
Respecting the right to privacy and property of individuals or groups who do not infringe on human rights.